What You Should Know About White Wedding Dresses

Wedding DressWedding dress shopping is a special part of the wedding planning process. It is fun to look at all of those different dresses when you enter a bridal shop and try on your favorites! It is also one of those memorable experiences that you can share with close family members and friends. However, before you start trying on wedding dresses it is helpful to consider that in addition to selecting a style of wedding dress, you will also be required to decide what color dress you wish to wear on your special day.

Different cultures have different wedding traditions. As I am sure you are already aware, here in North America it is traditional to wear a white wedding dress on your wedding day and this fashion trend was inspired by Queen Victoria. Although some wedding traditions from our culture are no longer regularly practiced by couples getting married today, the majority of brides still prefer to wear a white wedding dress down the aisle. Or do they? When you think of the phrase “white wedding dress” do you envision an image of a radiant bride in a pristine pure white wedding dress? In reality the phrase “white wedding dress” has come to encompass more than just stark white wedding dresses. Today wedding dresses come in various shades of white (and of course other colors as well) and I have observed that a sizable percentage of brides are wearing ivory, champagne, etc. wedding dresses on their special day too. Also, wedding dress boutiques I have visited recently seem to have an ample amount of ivory, off-white, etc. wedding dresses in stock. This reality can also be seen in bridal magazines as well. Therefore, the decision to wear a white wedding dress is a two-part decision. First you will make a decision about if you want to wear a white wedding dress or not and assuming you answered this first question in the affirmative, your second decision will involve selecting the shade of white you prefer.

It is important to be aware that there is a difference between each shade of white and some shades will compliment your skin tone more than others. It can be a good idea to do some research about determining what your skin tone is (if you do not currently know this information) and what color(s) of white will flatter you most. I would also suggest seeking the advice of an experienced bridal shop consultant when you are shopping for your wedding dress. She/he has helped numerous brides select their wedding attire and will likely be able to help guide you as well. Lastly, consider trying on different shades of white dresses to compare which shade(s) look best on you. For instance, when I was shopping for my wedding dress a few years ago it did not take long to determine that stark white or natural white wedding dresses were not the best options for my skin tone! Therefore, this helped me focus on the shades that were best suited to me more quickly. I hope you enjoy shopping for your wedding dress and find the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in!