Post-Wedding Day Tasks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou had a wonderful wedding day and now you’re back from your honeymoon! At this point in time you may be wondering if there is anything left that you need to do? The answer to this question is more than likely…yes. There will be a few post-wedding day tasks to attend to and your to-do list may vary a little depending on what your vision was for your wedding day. Some common post-wedding day tasks include:

1) Sending Thank You Cards – this task is very important and it should be a priority. Please read my Last But Not Least: The Thank You Card blog post if you would like to learn more about this topic.

2) Attending To Your Wedding Dress – what are you planning to do with your wedding dress after your big day? Are you going to have it professionally cleaned and preserved? Maybe you want to donate it to a charity? Now is the time to put your plans into action.

3) Sharing Your Wedding Photographs – it will take some time to get your wedding photographs back from your photographer. Once you have them, it’s likely that you will want to share them with you family and friends. Whether you post your photos on social media sites, mail them to friends and family, frame them and give them as presents, etc…it will be a rewarding experience to share your wedding photographs with loved ones.

Undoubtedly, post-wedding day tasks will take up some of your time. However, if you set aside 10 minutes each day to work on them, the process will be finished before you know it!