Outdoor Easter Events

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach year there are lots of fun Easter events that families can participate in. Some common ones that might come to mind are Easter egg hunts, scavenger hunts, Easter egg decorating contests or maybe even a meeting with the Easter Bunny! If weather permits you might find yourself venturing outdoors for a number of these activities so below I have listed a few tips that might be helpful to consider when you are attending an outdoor Easter event.

1. Dress Appropriately

It can be helpful to check the weather forecast for your area so you will have a better idea of what weather conditions to expect during your Easter event. In general, it can still be fairly chilly during the Easter season so it is important to dress warmly! You may also want to consider wearing rain boots if the ground is already soft from rainfall and having rain gear on hand if weather conditions seem to warrant it.

2. Consider The Location

Before you commit to a specific event you may want to consider the location where the event is being held. Is the site safe and clean? Is there ample parking available close by? Are the activities being held on high ground or are you going to be trying to walk on saturated ground in a low lying area and picking Easter eggs out of puddles if it has rained recently?

3. Be Prepared

Taking a few minutes to pack a bag with some extra supplies might turn out to be time well spent. Some items to think about include sunscreen, water, some snacks and a mini first aid kit (just in case). Also don’t forget to take your camera so you can capture these fun times with your family!

I hope you find these outdoor Easter event tips helpful. Have a Happy Easter!