Water And Your Event

WaterThere are a lot of different beverages that you can offer guests at your event and it is good to provide a variety of refreshments so you can accommodate different preferences amongst your guests. However, there is a staple beverage that I think should always be available for your guests and by now you have probably guessed that it is water! Water is a “universal” beverage…so to speak. We depend on H₂O for our survival and everyone seems to drink it. In addition, it can quench thirst very effectively and helps keep your guests hydrated on warm days like today. Finally, pure water is also a healthy beverage option for those guests who are health conscious. To conclude, water has a lot to offer your guests!


Reducing Air Pollution At Events

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is Earth Day! Every year this date serves as a reminder of how beautiful Earth is and the importance of taking care of our planet for future generations. The three tips I have provided below focus on practical ways you can lower air pollution when you are planning an event.

1. Buy Local Products

Products (such as flowers) that are grown locally have not been transported a long distance to get to your event. This option has the added benefit of supporting local vendors in your community as well.

2. Central Event Locations

If you select a venue that is located close to where your guests live they will only need to travel a short distance to get to the event. Therefore, decreasing their carbon footprint.

3. Share Transportation

Encourage carpooling, public transportation or even walking to an event if it is close by. Each of these options helps reduce or eliminate the amount of vehicle emissions directly associated with the event.

Thank you for taking time to read about environmentally friendly practices for events. Have a Happy Earth Day!

Last But Not Least: The Thank You Card

Sending thank you cards may be the last thing you do for your event but it is one of the most important steps. There are two types of thank you cards to consider. The first is for individuals who purchase presents for you. Family and friends give presents at various events, including weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc., as tokens of support and celebration. These special people have spent time and money selecting a gift for you and often have traveled to your event to partake in the festivities as well. The second type of thank you involves people who have made a special contribution of some sort to your event. Examples of this could be the mother who hosted a baby shower for her daughter, the maid of honor who helped the bride-to-be find the perfect wedding dress or the florist who made absolutely stunning table centerpieces for the anniversary party for your parents. These individuals have gone above and beyond in some way to help you and were vital to the success of your event. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge people who fall into both categories for their kind gestures by sending them a thank you card in a timely manner.

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