Environmentally Friendly Event Invitations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It is Earth Day today and I would like to talk a little about environmentally friendly event invitations. Sometimes it’s surprising how seemingly small decisions add up and have a big impact on us and the world around us. Selecting invitations for an event may not seem like a big decision in comparison to other decisions you will make when hosting an event but it does leave its mark on the environment (whether it be in the form of trees being cut down so paper can be produced or invitations being thrown away and ending up in landfills). While some opt for email invitations, others desire a more tangible invitation and keepsake (especially where wedding invitations are concerned). If you are looking to acquire invitations in hard copy format, a relatively simple way to address some of the environmental impact is to select invitations that are printed on at least partially recycled paper. Another fun alternative is some invitations have flower seeds embedded in them and can even be planted in the ground! Typically there are several different decisions you can make to help ensure that your event will have less of an environmental impact. Have a Happy Earth Day!