A Roaring Halloween Party

thumbARHThis year we planned A Roaring Halloween Party! As you have probably already guessed, this party was inspired by the Roaring Twenties. The Roaring Twenties is an era that is known for its glittering parties, jazz, prohibition, decadent life styles and strong economic climate. This golden age started after World War I ended and during this time of celebration a lot of things changed. For instance, women’s social roles, fashion (men’s fashion changed as well), hair styles and makeup all started evolving. The Roaring Twenties also brought us great inventions and literary works (such as The Great Gatsby). This book has inspired many different events themes. For example, a Great Gatsby wedding theme is a fairly well known theme. In fact, one of the advantageous things about a Roaring Twenties theme or a Great Gatsby theme is these themes can readily be applied to various types of events (such as birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties, Halloween parties, etc.). In addition, these themes can accommodate those who wish to have an event that is incredibly fun but a little more formal in nature. Below I shared some more of our Roaring Halloween Party’s pictures with you. We had a great time selecting attire, decor, food, photo booth props, etc. for this party. If you would like to see pictures from the entire event they are posted in our portfolio. I hope you enjoy our Roaring Halloween Party!