Easy DIY Easter Eggs

DIY Easter EggsIt is that time of year again when we gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter! I have decided to talk about how to make easy DIY Easter eggs today. This information may be useful to you if you are organizing an Easter egg decorating event,  looking to spend some time decorating Easter eggs with your children, or considering what to do for festive Easter decor in your own home. I know the Easter season can be busy so this is a fun Easter activity that can be completed in about 45 minutes. The steps for this DIY activity are listed below.

1. Select Your Resources

The first thing you will need to do is gather all of the resources you will need to complete your project.  Select the eggs you will use. Hard boiled eggs is an economical option (you will need to boil them for about 8 to 10 minutes and let them cool). Purchasing ceramic eggs at a craft store is another good alternative. Also determine if you need to buy paint brushes, paint or accessories.

2. Paint Your Easter Eggs

Set up your craft area by laying down newspaper or a protective table top covering and assembling all of your materials. I used all-purpose water based acrylic paint on my Easter eggs and it worked well. However, children may also wish to use markers, crayons, etc. If you are using acrylic paint you will want to apply a second coat of paint after the first coat has dried* so the paint color is evenly distributed and there are no places on the egg where the shell is showing through.

*Tip: I used a hair dryer to apply warm air to my Easter eggs and this helped reduce drying time.

3. Add Embellishments

Once the second coat of paint dries, you can add embellishments to your Easter eggs. I selected a grey and yellow color scheme for my Easter eggs because I enjoy that color combination. I applied grey embroidery trim to two of my yellow eggs. I used a stencil to create the polka dot egg and simply left one egg  yellow. You have various embellishments to choose from such as sparkles, buttons, lace, twine, stickers, etc. Affix the embellishments you select to your Easter eggs and allow time for them to adhere securely.

I hope you have fun completing this DIY activity. Have a Happy Easter!


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