3 Fall Wedding Planning Tips

Fall is a lovely time of year to get married. The harvest season can be a source of inspiration for beautiful wedding decor and provides ample scenic locations for wedding pictures. I love fall weddings and below I have written a few tips that you might find useful if you are having one!


Temperatures start to drop in autumn and if it happens to be chilly on your special day it could affect the comfort of your friends and family during outside wedding pictures. It can be helpful to ask your friends to bring their jackets or to have a couple extra jackets on hand so everyone can stay warm during your photo session. Temperature considerations also apply if you are thinking about having an outdoor ceremony in the fall. You probably will not want your guests and yourself to be cold while you say your vows so you might find it helpful to have a plan about what you will do if it is cold outside.


Poor weather conditions could prevent an outdoor wedding ceremony or wedding photo session at any time of year. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to have back up indoor ceremony and photo session locations.

Daylight Hours

The arrival of fall also means shorter daylight hours. It can be good to keep this in mind when your wedding day timeline is created.

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